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Marlene Huissoud

We have been selfish. We all have used resources of our dear planet. But it is not a time to cry, it is a time to act.

THE VILLAGE / Please Stand By’ is looking at giving back to nature, especially the wild insects of the cities. By creating these habitats for the wildlife of the cities, the goal of the project is to help insects to find a refuge, nest and hibernate within the city, to protect themselves and find a suitable environment for their needs.

With the help of scientists, Robert Francis and Mak Brandon from King’s College London, we have joined forces to create these new homes for insects who are designed and made in an organic and sustainable way.

The pieces are both sculptural /functional and are made out of natural clay (not fired to keep it as much primitive as possible), and then coated by a natural binder to protect them from the weather. The pieces use materials that the insects like and the colours of the materials are as well chosen to reflect what they are attracted to in nature generally. They like for example light colours like white/grey and dark tones.

These hotels are made for pollinators such as solitary bees, wasps, butterfly... These sculptural pieces are encouraging biodiversity in the gardens and increase the ecosystem productivity. They are manmade structures created to provide shelter for pollinators.

Thilina Hettiarachchi

Thilina Hettiarachchi is a passionate macrophotographer born in the stunning island of Sri Lanka. His voyage into the world of arthropods was ignited by an insatiable curiosity for the intricate and vast universe of the insect realm. This profound fascination led him to pursue a master’s degree in wild bee taxonomy at the esteemed University of Manitoba in Canada.

Enthralled by the intricacies of nature, particularly within the domain of arthropods, Thilina has wholeheartedly committed himself to capturing the captivating beauty of these minute creatures through his camera lens, all while actively studying them. Beyond his photographic pursuits, his mission encompasses contributing to the scientific comprehension and conservation of these remarkable species.

The breathtaking allure of the natural world serves as a perpetual source of inspiration, propelling Thilina's enduring devotion to macrophotography and taxonomy. Through his endeavors, he aspires to foster awareness about the interconnections among all living beings and to underscore the paramount importance of preserving our delicate ecosystem.” You can help support Thilina’s education by following @bugsnapz

yumi okita

Artist Yumi Okita’s fiber sculptures are inspired by nature, exploring the line between fantasy and reality. In her insect and botanical creations, she found a personal and unique way to push the limits of traditional hand embroidery techniques, transforming them into sculptures. Her sculpture captures nature’s fragility and its beauty, feeling nostalgic in their ephemerality.

Born and raised in Japan, Yumi studied and received degrees in 3D Fine art and ceramics. She is currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Yumi’s background in ceramics naturally led her to become a fiber artist, embracing another tactile medium. The sensation of working with fabric and the process of stitching one thread at a time, building layers of colors and textures, have become essential aspects in her work. She is conscious of the materials and processes she employs in her art; it conveys admiration for nature and having deeper connections between environments.